Do I need an alarm permit for my CCTV system in Los Angeles

No you do not need an alarm permit for a security camera system in Los Angeles

If all you are doing is getting a security camera system for you home or business – you are not required to get an alarm permit. If you don’t believe me and want to make sure for your peace of mind – here is a link to help you get more information.

Remember your security camera system is not monitored in any way  Рother than you or your employees watching the video.

You do need an alarm permit for a monitored burglar alarm system

On the other hand if you are getting a monitored burglar alarm system – you definitely need an alarm permit. without one, you can rack up fees very quickly. If you are getting a home or business alarm system head on over to this site and get a permit asap – click here.

This is a quote directly from the lapdonline website

Alarm Ordinance: Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a permit to operate a monitored alarm system in the City of Los Angeles?

Yes. You are required by law to obtain an alarm permit. See below for the cost.

How much is the fee for an alarm permit?

The cost for an alarm permit is $43 and are renewable yearly. The cost to renew your alarm permit is $30 each year.