How many surveillance video cameras do you really need?

Deciding on the number of CCTV cameras for your home

An averaged sized home will typically need about 5 outdoor security cameras to give coverage around the house.

If you home is an average sized house – approximately 1500 square feet to 3000 square feet and is setup like a typical house – with the garage door on one side – with a driveway and the front door on the other side – here is how you would setup your security cameras from video surveillance installation Los Angeles Experts.

1- A camera on the garage door side. This camera will see the driveway to the street and the front of the house. So if some walks on to your property this camera will see them.

2- A camera around the front door. This will make sure you can see the person at the door when they ring your door bell.

3- A camera at the back of the house – unless you have an object obstructing your view from one side to the other – then you might need 2 cameras.

4- A camera on the left side of the house

5- A camera on the right side of the house If you want to put cameras inside the house – each room you want to put a camera in will require at least one unless you have multiple rooms that are open to each other – for example – the family room and living room – then one camera might cove both rooms.

With 5 cameras you can easily get total coverage all around the outside of the house. Give us a call today to get a free consultation. 213-634-1966