‘Porch piracy’ a concern as the holiday season begins

Are your packages safe. If you are like most people you are doing a lot of online ordering right now. How many of those packages are at rick of getting stolen. Contact us today to get a security camera system installed that will let you know when fedex, ups or the post office deliver a package. Our system will alert you when some is at your front door.  Read below to see what the star phoenix had to write about porch pirates

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The term “porch piracy” is used by some large shipping companies like FedEx to describe parcels being stolen from homes after delivery.


Chona Gage orders Christmas gifts online every year, but this is the first time her gifts were stolen off of her front step.


Gage said her packages were scheduled to arrive during the day while she was at work, so she asked her husband to stay at home to receive them. However, she said a miscommunication between the UPS delivery driver and the Burberry store led to the box being left at her door instead of being signed for by her husband.


Shortly after, Gage said a nearby neighbour saw someone pull into the driveway, take the box, and drive away.


“I want the public to be aware that there’s really some monkey business going on,” she said. “I think it’s been happening lots now.”


Package theft is an issue at the forefront for many shipping companies. FedEx calls it “porch piracy.”


According to data gathered by a FedEx survey, 61 per cent of customers say online retailers “are not doing enough to prevent package theft,” and more than half want additional delivery options to help avoid theft.


Saskatoon Police Const. Ryan Ehalt, co-ordinator of Crime Stoppers in the city, said package and mail theft is an “ongoing issue” that concerns both residents and police.


“Over the last two or three years, mail theft has been quite prevalent across the country,” Ehalt said.


In a statement, FedEx said it recommends customers make sure they are set up to have a signature required at package drop-off, or have packages shipped to a secure store instead of a home.


It’s not just a holiday-season concern.


Data from the Regina Police Service on reports of “Thefts of Mail Before Delivery” show more reported incidents in June 2018 than in November; however spokeswoman Elizabeth Popowich said police can only look into it and record it when it’s reported.


Ehalt said Crime Stoppers has put a lot of effort into preventing other crime that tends to increase during the winter, such as vehicle break-ins. It helps when victims report crimes as quickly as possible, he added.


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