Surveillance Video Shows Smash and Grab

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Surveillance Video Shows Smash and Grab at Fort Worth Bicycle Shop


Thieves smashed through the glass of a Fort Worth bike shop around 3 a.m. Monday, rolling off with two expensive models. It’s the third time this has happened, but store manager Bethanne Boch is keeping her sense of humor.


“Thanks for shopping, but next time it would be nice if you would pay the bill,” Boch said.


Surveillance cameras inside Bicycles Inc on Granbury Road show two guys break a window then make a beeline for a $3,500 bike on one side of the shop and an $830 model on the other side.


The store manager said it’s frustrating, especially since they do a lot of work partnering with local charities.


“If you really needed a bicycle to help you get to work or in a transition in a hard time in your life, if you would come in and talk to us, we could either have something here that we could provide for you or we could hook you up with a great organization that gets you back on two wheels,” Boch said.


Managers are now considering putting in metal bars to prevent more smash and grabs.